Six Nations athletes recognized in inaugural induction of NAIAHF

Across Turtle Island, Indigenous athletes have left indelible marks at all levels of competition, across countless sports.

It was this pretence that a new hall of fame was launched.

Launched Tuesday, Feb. 1, the North American Indigenous Athletics Hall of Fame (NAIAHF) will celebrate and honour the achievements of Indigenous athletes and teams for their respective successes in athletics.

The inaugural inductions class of 2022 include 65 inductees, with Six Nations Athletes Awehiyo Thomas, Dean Hill, and Delby Powless featured.

Also inducted were the 1999 Iroquois Nationals U-19 mens lacrosse team, who won the Iroquois Nationals first-ever world medal. As one of the most notable teams entries, Six Nations faces are also represented: the team included Ken Montour, Roger Vyse, Mike Longboat, Russ Davis, Kim Squire, Chris Powless, Jason Henhawk, Ashley Hill and Delby Powless.

The NAIAHF website reads: “by honouring and celebrating the empowered journey of these individuals and teams, the hope is their stories may inspire future generations to follow their dreams in athletics and life.”

Nominations for individuals and teams to be considered for induction into the annual North American Indigenous Athletics Hall of Fame are accepted throughout the course of the year until a December 1st noon central time deadline.

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