Six Nations Chiefs return to the floor

OAKVILLE — Like a breath of fresh air for lacrosse fans, games have been taking place for the Major Series Lacrosse League at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre.

Last Tuesday, the Chiefs met up with the Oakville Rock with a new roster: Tehoka Nanticoke, Kedoh hill, Kevin O. Hill, Vern Hill, Jordan Durston, Justin Martin, Tyson Bell, Liam Leclair, Chris Weier, Josh Miller, Kahn General, Quinn Powless, Dayton Hill, Mason Kamminga, Nonkon Thompson, Sam Leclair, Alex Henry, Bo Bowhunter, Jerry Starts, Leland Powless, Wesley Whitlow, Jamie Dilks, K. Doo-little, Layne Smiths, Marty ‘Bo’ Hill, Tyson bomberry, and Ty Logan.

Many veteran Chiefs players opted out of the season with the opportunity to battle for a Mann Cup unavailable.

But the game versus the Oakville Rock was met with a loss for the Chiefs, 12-9, but a great showing of ingenuity and inventive use of stick placement for the Chiefs. Game goals were scored by Tehoka Nanticoke (3), Dayton hill, Sam Leclair, Kedoh Hill (2), Tyson Bell, and Mason Kamminga.

This brought them to their second match up with the Brooklin Lacrosse Club the following Wednesday. Unfortunately taking their second loss, 10-12, the deficit is closer and the penalty minutes were less than their first game.

Game goals were buried by Tehoka Nanticoke (3), Kedoh Hill (2), Kevin O. Hill, Justin Martin, Liam Leclair, Nonkon Thompson, and Jordan Durston.

This gives the Chiefs two recorded losses, but their games are kept tight and close considering that many of the vets are not playing. This gives rise for more devel-opment for the rest of the team, and more opportunity to shine.

It is hoped that in their next matches with the Cobourg Kodiaks on Tuesday, August 3, (after publication time), the Chiefs will bring home their first win. The August 3 roster will also feature hometown veterans and favourites Austin Staats and Brendan Bomberry.

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