Six Nations ILA to host Lacrosse Invitational

By TRT Staff with notes from

SIX NATIONS — The Ontario Native Lacrosse Invitational (ONLI) is set to bring teams together from across Ontario to compete in a friendly, yet competitive invitational tournament this month at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

To take place from March 31 to April 2, youth ages 13-19 will travel with their teams and family members to compete in the first ONLI hosted by the Indigenous Sport and Wellness Ontario (ISWO). The event is set to build upon similar provincial tournaments such as the Ontario Native Volleyball Invitational (ONVI) and the Ontario Native Basketball Invitational (ONBI).

“The goal of hosting ONLI is to build confidence, create friendships on and off the court, and strengthen community, while creating opportunities for Indigenous youth to participate in competitive sport with their peers. The ONLI will act as an identifier for participation in the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG),” reads the ONLI section of the ISWO website.

The age divisions mirror the ONVI and ONBI divisions with a male U16, U19, and female U19 options for athletes.

“Athletes will be drafted to their teams for the weekend, on Friday, March 31st during the Athlete Combine, where we will be hosting a skills session, skills competition. Players must register individually, as all players will be assigned to teams for the weekend on Friday, March 31. To register, players (or their legal guardians), must create an account and submit the required information, including emergency contact information, health information and sign-off on waivers. Parental or guardian permission is required for youth under the age of 18.”

The deadline to register is set at March 20, with a deadline for payment on March 27.

It was noted that the 2023 ONLI competition schedule will be posted to this website one week before the event. All registered and paid players will receive a 2023 ONLI Information Package, with everything that you need to know, including the game schedule, competition format, code of conduct rules, and more, prior to the event.

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