Six Nations Rebels complete an undefeated regular season, a first since 2014

SIX NATIONS —This regular season, the Six Nations Junior ‘B’ Rebels dominated the top spot of the leagues Western Conference; they sit undefeated after 20 scheduled games as of last Friday.  

The last time an undefeated regular season took place was back in 2014 with a roster full of Founder’s Cup alumni. As Founders Cup hopefuls, the Rebels might be off for another cup run this playoff season, with multiple scoring leaders on the bench like Winter Rivera and Hodo Martin.

Last week, they finished off their last two scheduled games and will move into playoffs in the top seed of the Western Conference.

Last Tuesday, June 13, the Rebels visited the Cambridge Highlanders for a closer match at the Galt Arena Gardens.

In the first period, the score gave the Rebels the lead with a double from Joe Squire, set by Hodo Martin and Macay Jimerson both times. In the second, the Highlanders were able to muster four goals throughout the clock time. But the Rebels were keen on maintaining the lead. Macay JImerson, Hodo Martin, Damonie Thomas, Anahilis Doxtador and Winter Rivera each put up singles. This made the score 8-5 for the Rebels.

In the third period, Anahilis Doxtador and Damonie Thomas went for their second goals each, while the Highlanders put three on the board. Rakawineh Elijah closed scoring for the game with 48 seconds left, and finalized the score at 11-8 for the Rebels.

The following Friday, June 16, the Rebels invited the Hamilton Bengals to the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena for another match up.

Much like the Highlanders game, the score was closer but controlled, with the Rebels in the lead the entirety of the game. Anahilis Doxtador opened scoring 1 minute into the first period, followed by a Bengals goal. Halfway through the period, Macay JImerson scored a single, followed by another from Hodo Martin.

In the second period, Damon Doxtatar put one away three minutes in, followed by another from Anahilis Doxtador moments later. The Bengals put two on the board, but Damon Doxtatar knocked on out. This put the score at 6-3 for the Rebels going into the third.

In the third, the Bengals put a single goal away, while Winter Rivera put up a double, with one goal from a penalty shot. To close the gate, Keith Green scored from a set by Joe Squire. This finished off their final regular season game 9-4 for the Rebels.

The next matches for the Rebels will see them in playoffs, with a schedule to be released in the near future once negotiated.  

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