Six Nations Rebels knock Regals out, await St. Catharines

SIX NATIONS — Last week, the Six Nations Junior ‘B’ Rebels were given a shock defeat by the Guelph Regals in Game 2 of their best-of-five series.


The Regals visited the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena for Game 1 on Friday, July 7, where the Regals walked away with their first loss, 15-8.


Going in with an undefeated season and a previously undefeated playoff run, the Rebels were faced with Game 2 away from home at the Victoria Road Community Centre last Sunday. As last reported, the game ended in an over-time loss for the Rebels, 7-8.


But for Game 3, the Rebels returned home.


After losing Game 2, the Rebels earned a four-night rest before hosting at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Friday, July 14.


In the first period, Anahilis Doxtador opened scoring with a pass from Winter Rivera. This was cancelled by a goal from the Regals, but Anahilis Doxtador went in for a second goal from Damon Doxtatar. To finish the period, Anahilis Doxtador fed Macay JImerson who buried with three minutes left on the clock, earning a solid lead 3-1.


In the second, Winter Rivera opened scoring with a short-handed goal from Anahilis Doxtador. Answered by the Regals twice, Anahilis Doxtador went for his third goal of the game unassisted, maintaining the lead 5-3. By the end of the second period, the Rebels had earned 50 minutes in penalties including two 10-minute game misconducts for Tayton Skye. For comparison, the Regals earned 20 minutes in penalties throughout all three periods.


Coming into the third period, Anahilis Doxtador opened scoring again from Hodo Martin. The Regals mustered one response, but Anahilis Doxtador went for his fifth and sixth goal, both from Macay Jimerson. This closed the game 8-4 for the Rebels, who reclaimed the lead in the series 2-1.


But more work was to be done. Just two nights later, the Rebels returned to the Victoria Road Community Centre on Sunday, July 16 for Game 4.


The Regals opened scoring, but Anahilis Doxtador responded with a power play goal from Damon Doxtatar and a single from Winter Rivera. The Regals put one away before the end of the clock, giving the game a 2-2 score.


In the third, the Regals opened scoring again, with Hodo Martin following with a goal from Anahilis Doxtador. The Regals responded twice, giving themselves their first lead, 5-3, but it didn’t stick for long. Macay JImerson put one away from Winter Rivera, followed by Hodo Martin from Rakwineh Elijah. This time, 18 penalty minutes were given to the Rebels, and 16 penalty minutes to the Regals by the end of the game. Damonie Thomas put another away with two minutes left from Anahilis Doxtador, and Rakawineh Elijah put one of his own away with just 90 seconds on the clock. This ended the series 3-1, with a Game 4 score of 10-7 for the Rebels.


Previously, when the Rebels played the Regals in the regular season, their scores were 20-8 on April 22 and 11-6  on June 9, consecutively. And filled with a bench of talent to help fuel a comeback, current playoff scoreboard leaders for the Rebels include Anahilis Doxtador, Hodo Martin, Rakawineh Elijah, Macay Jimerson and Joe Squire.


Before taking on the Rebels, the Regals delivered swift blows to the Windsor Clippers, 3-0. At the same time, the Elora Mohawks took out the Cambridge Highlanders 3-0, the Hamilton Bengals lost to the St. Catharines Athletics with a closely matched 3-2, the Nepean Knights took over the Orillia Kings 3-0, the Orangeville Northmen blasted the Gloucester Griffins 3-0, while Halton Hills Bulldogs retired the Kahnawake Hunters 3-1, and the Green Gaels fell to the Akwesasne Thunder 3-0. As known, the Rebels took out the Owen Sound North Stars 3-0.


Now, the Rebels have removed the Regals as contenders, and will be facing the St. Catharines Athletics.


They will be looking to lead the third series in Game 1 at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Friday, July 21 at 8:00 p.m..

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