Six Nations Rebels lead St. Catharines 2-1

SIX NATIONS — In their previous series, the Six Nations Junior ‘B’ Rebels were given a shock defeat by the Guelph Regals in Game 2 of their best-of-five series. They moved on to win the series 3-1.

Now, the Rebels have engaged the St. Catharines Athletics in their third series, with a seemingly similar start. Previously, when the Rebels played the Athletics in the regular season, both games ended in favour of the Rebels, but were close scores. The scores for the games were 9-7 on May 5, and 10-8 on June 10, consecutively.

To move forward, the Athletics had defeated the Bengals 3-2 in their first series, then 3-0 in their series with the Elora Mohawks.

Last Friday, July 21, Game 1 saw a level playing field for both teams at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena, as the first period began with two goals from Macay Jimerson and Shako Swamp. The lead was followed by a goal from the Athletics, with a third goal from Damon Doxtatar on the power play. But by the end of the period, the Athletics put three more away making the score 3-4 for the Athletics.

In the second period, Anahilis Doxtador came through with two goals to start the period, followed by a single from Eric Martin fed by Damonie Thomas, reclaiming the lead. The Athletics fired back two goals of their own, answered by Damon Doxtador and Shako Swamp, both for their second goals of the game. The Athletics put two more away, but Rakawineh Elijah, Shako Swamp and Damon Decaire each made up singles, to put the score at 11-8 with the Rebels in the lead.

In the final period, the Athletics mustered four goals to try to reclaim the win. But Anahilis Doxtador was fed from Hodo Martin on a power play and Winter Rivera scored unassisted with just 12 seconds left. This finalized the game 13-12 for the Rebels.

Leaving home soil to face the Athletics on theirs, the Rebels came into the first period with a goal from Anahilis Doxtador in the first 30 seconds. The Athletics responded with a single, while Hodo Martin and Winter Reivera followed with two more Rebels goals. The Athletics achieved their first lead, with three consecutive goals to finish the period 3-4 over the rebels.

In the second period, the Rebels tied up the game, allowing one goal in for the Athletics, and two from Winter River and Anahilis Doxtador. This made the game 5-5 going into the third period. The Athletics put up even strength with one goal, followed by two for the rebels from Anahilis Doxtador and Winter Rivera again. But the Athletics offered one more, which earned the game an overtime period.

By this time, the Rebels played one of their cleanest games, with only three penalties, to the Athletics two. In the over-time period, Macay Jimerson and Shako Swamp worked to put up two goals in the first five minutes. Playing the full 10 minutes, the Athletics were able to put on more away, but couldn’t break the lead. This made the game 9-8 for the Rebels.

With the series at 2-0, the Rebels had the opportunity to close out the series at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Monday.

But as fate would have it, the Athletics weren’t going to lie down. In the first period, the Athletics put up two goals in the first half, holding off Rebels scoring. But in the latter half, the Rebels earned the lead with three goals, one from Hodo Martin and two from Shako Swamp, with one on the power play.

In the second, the Athletics put up three fast goals in the first half. This was followed by two Rebels goals from Damon Doxtatar and Shako Swamp with his third, making the score 5-6 for the Athletics. In the third period, both teams acquired just under ten minutes in penalties, and staved off power play goals. For the Rebels though, Anahilis Doxtador put one away with three minutes left, shorthanded. This delivered the game to an over-time period. Unfortunately, a play on the crease gave the Athletics the final goal of the game, ending Game 3, 6-7.

Still filled with a bench of talent, current playoff scoreboard leaders for the Rebels include Anahilis Doxtador, Hodo Martin, Macay Jimerson, Rakawineh Elijah, Damon Doxtatar, and Winter Rivera.

On the other side of playoffs, the Akwesasne Thunder are holding the Orangeville Northmen away from advancing with a series score of 2-0.

The Rebels will be looking to finish their third series in Game 4 on Wednesday, July 26, at the CG Sportsplex, then a possible Game 5 at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena this Friday, July 28 at 8:00 p.m., within the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

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