Six Nations Snipers remain on top

SIX NATIONS — The Six Nations Snipers played the Peterborough Timbermen last Sunday at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

Sitting in the fourth seed, the Timermen had a slow start in the first period, as the Snipers amped up scoring right away. Goals came from Kahn General (2), Justin Martin, Tye Argent and Johnny Powless, delivering a goalless first quarter 5-0.

Wasting no time, the second period opened with a starting goal from the Timbermen, but just as it seemed they would catch up, they were thrust down the scoreboard again. Goals for the Snipers came from Cheyton King, Kahn General for his third, Daylen Hill, Ross Hill, and Jeremy Bomberry at the end. This left the game 10-6 for the Snipers.

The third period saw no goals from the Timbermen, but Tye Argent came in for his second, Kevin Owen Hill and Jeremy Bomberry gave supporting goals. This closed the third quarter 13-6 for the Snipers.

The final period saw little redemption for the Timbermen, with a single goal to start the period. This was followed by goals from Rodd Squire, Scott Del Zotto, Johnny Powless, and Ross Hill. The game finalized with an 11 point deficit, 18-7 for the Snipers.

The next away game for the Snipers will fall on Saturday, April 2, at 7 p.m., at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre. The next home game will come on Sunday, April 3 at 4 p.m., right after the Whitby Steelhawks and Paris RiverWolves match up at 1 p.m..

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