Team Iroquois wins silver at WJLC

MISSISSAUGA — In a two pool round robin play, Team Iroquois climbed the United States and Poland to face Team Canada in the finals of the World Junior Lacrosse Championship on Sunday, August 11.

The teams roster was full of Haudenosaunee talent as Dustin hill served in net, with shadows Smith, Isaiah Skidders, Owen Hill, Kevin Owen Hill, Jermy Bomberry, David Anderson, Cole Powless, Nonkon Thompson, Wake:Riat Bowhunter, Gagr King, Keldren King, Cecil Jacobs, Austin Skye, Sam Gowland, Karenrons McDonald, Ryan Johnson, Luke Montour, Doug Powless, Daris Anderson, Haden Fox, Kainen Francis and Aaron Foxe-Mackenzie that made up the body of the team this year.

While their bench was full of experience; with General Manager Gewas Schindler, Assistant Coach Brandon Francis, Head Coach Cody Jamieson, Assistant Coach Sid Smith, Manager and Coach Curt Styres and another Assistant Coach Wenster Green.

The championship began on August 6, with Team Iroquois playing the following night against the USA, with a match that led to their first win 19-20. Team Iroquois then defeated Poland the next night 14-10, and hit the USA again with their third win 23-6.

In a fantastic game, Team Iroquois then put up a fight throughout the final game with Team Canada. The final score ended with a three goal deficit for the Iroquois 10-13, but the showing of talent was still primed to be a great showcase on the world stage.

Team Iroquois came home with silver medals, and next years championship is set to be in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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