Warriors bully the Bulldogs

SIX NATIONS — An uneven match up made for some stat earning for the Warriors at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena last Saturday, as they hosted the Halton Hills Bulldogs.

Equipped with only nine runners, the Bulldogs couldn’t muster up much of a fight throughout the game and goalie Jordan Rowsell could only do so much.

The first period opened scoring for the Warriors in a mere thirty seconds, as Tehas Powless scored his first. Throughout the period goals came from Jon Parry Smith, Tristan Lovell, Shane Henry, Ryan Johnson, Greg Lighthatch, and Jake Smith.

The Bulldogs simply couldn’t break out of their end and their efforts in throwing the ball up the floor was either intercepted or passed directly back to a Warriors player. The period ended 7-0 for the Warriors.

The second period proved to be no better, but the Warriors eased off on scoring with a haul of only four goals. Goals by Matts Miller, Logan Anderson, Sam Gowland and Shane Henry for his second hit the board to finish the period 11-0.

The third period continued with a higher focus on scoring, but the Warriors made the game enjoyable to watch as they were light hearted on the floor. During face offs they would perform a game of rock, paper, scissors or give the Bulldogs a bit of a chance when they moved to offence.

The Bulldogs used the opportunity to return three goals, each landed by their Captain Tyler Morris. But the Warriors themselves made the third their highest scoring period.

Kennedy Miller (2), Parry Smith for his second, Lighthatch for his second, Powless for his second, Smith for his second, Jaxon Martin (unassisted), Riley Jamieson, Henry for a hat-trick, and Anderson for a hat-trick.

The game finalized at a boastful victory of 23 – 3 for the Warriors.

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