Womens ALL finishes season with the Lady Snipers in the lead

SIX NATIONS — On Saturday, March 12, the women’s teams of the Arena Lacrosse League Eastern Division finished off the last games of their scheduled season.

The first game put the Lady RiverWolves against the Lady Snipers, with a 2-9 final for the Snipers. Then the Lady Shockwave met up with the Lady Steelhawks for a 3-5 final in favour of the Steelhawks. The third game had a back-to-back shift for the Lady Shockwave, who lost 4-7 to the Lady RiverWolves. The final game brought the two top teams against each other, with a final of 10-4 for the Lady Snipers over the Lady Steelhawks.

In 2018, the first Women’s ALL Cup was awarded to the Lady Snipers, and speculations are abound that they might return the cup to Six Nations again this year. However, speculation can only go so far, as the teams take a weekend off to prepare for a championship the following week. Last year, it was the Lady RiverWolves that took home the cup.

The first game to come on the championship week next Saturday, March 26, will place the Lady RiverWolves up against the Lady Snipers at 1:00 p.m., followed by the Lady Steelhawks to take on the Lady shockwave at 2:15 p.m.. The winners of the two games will then meet up at an unspecified time to determine where the cup goes this year.

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