Last weekend, another indigenous footballer earned a SuperBowl ring

A Paiute football player now has a Super Bowl ring.

Los Angeles Rams offensive lineman Austin Corbett was in the starting line up for the team victory last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20.

The member of the Walker River Paiute Tribe member was a college walk-on at Nevada, and celebrated online by many in Indian Country.

A few Indigenous celebrities watched Corbett in action and win the game from the stadium like co-creator Taika Waititi of “Reservation Dogs”, Māori, Sierra Ornelas, Navajo and “Rutherford Falls” Jana Schmieding, of the Cheyenne River Lakota.

It was noted by Sportrac on February 14 that Corbett has become a free agent since the winning game, having first been drafted to the Cleveland Browns four years ago. He was named among the four best off-contract players of the Rams this year, as Corbett was the 22nd ranked guard on the 2021 season and played almost every snap for the Rams. He is projected to have a $9 million contract.

Brandon Thorn posted to Twitter, writing: “Austin Corbett’s play strength, anchor, & ability to strain are very impressive. Quietly one of the 5-6 best RGs in football.”

The Rams became the second consecutive host to win the championship after Tampa Bay became the first a year ago.

James Winchester of the Choctaw Nation, who played for Kansas City, is believed to be the most recent Indigenous footballer to play on a winning Super Bowl team, back in 2020 when his team defeated the San Francisco 49ers. For now, Corbett will hold the title.

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