Port Dover Pirates steal the win from Six Nations Peewees

OHSWEKEN – A seemingly even matchup between the Six Nations Peewee Blackhawks and the Port Dover Pirates turned out to be quite the difference as the Pirates took home the win 3–0 on Sunday, Jan. 17.

The first period showcased a lot of resilience on both sides, as both teams fought diligently for puck possession. But, the Pirates Captain Jaxson Zurby fought a little harder, breaking the double zero tie with a nice shot that made it past Six Nations Goalie Marlee Montour half way through the period.

Montour continued to defend to the best of her ability, stopping several shot attempts by the beginning of the second period, but her ability was challenged as the Pirates offence made a change of style.

The Pirates offence picked up on the tight-knit defence style of Six Nations, and spaced them out by keeping the puck farther back. Falling into a cycle of chasing the puck, the struggling defence allowed another shot opportunity for Zurby, who took advantage and scored with an assist by Sophia Monture.

The third period kept up the same cycle, but the Six Nations offence and defence revved up the aggression to shut down some of the courage the Pirates mustered throughout the game. This seemed to work, until the Six Nations defence lost a player to the penalty box.

Taking advantage again, Zurby scored his third for a hat trick, with another assist by Sophia Monture.

Nearing the end of the third, the Six Nations offence tried for several shot attempts, but they were too far apart to follow through with passes with a lot of interceptions made by the Pirates.

The game ended 3–0, for Port Dover.

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