Six Nations Bantams Perform Another Shut Out

OHSWEKEN – What would seem like a repeat of last week’s game versus the Hagersville Hawks, the Six Nations Bantam Hockey Team stripped the Delhi Rockets of any goal chances with a win of 6-0 on Sunday, December 13 at the Gaylord Powless Arena.

The first period showed a lot of the shot power held by the Six Nations team; while both offence and defense used quick backward flicks to avoid interception, and fast, pinball-like coordination of passes that left the Rockets unable to retrieve possession.

Leading into the second period, a far out slap shot by Captain Sandy Porter connected directly with the back of the net, as the goalie dropped to his knees instead of guarding up top. Another goal was secured by Porter, as he retrieved the rebound puck behind the net and swept around to guide it into the bottom corner.

The Rockets were unable to make a comeback as the Six Nations defense and offence worked together to surround and disable puck carriers before they could reach the net, and any of the few shots that were taken were absorbed by the Six Nations goalie.

In response to the lead, the Rockets frustration was evident as the team started to get rough and aggressive, with two more goals secured in the beginning of the third period by Six Nations. Rather than fighting to protect the net, the Rockets goalie stepped out to swing at Six Nations #87, which in favour of the Rockets, went unnoticed to referees as other players began shoving the Six Nations offence.

The aggression didn’t subside as after Devin Jamieson calmly showed his stick skill and maneuvered around the Rockets #9 on defense, #9 threw a swing that connected with the back of Jamieson’s neck. This resulted in a four minute penalty and later, another goal for Six Nations. Down one man, #15 for the Rockets smacked the puck into the stands, just before Six Nations won a faceoff and secured yet another goal.

After a great display of resiliency by not feeding into and returning the negative aggression, the Six Nations bantams walked away with a 6-0 shutout, and their 12th win this season.

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