SN triumphs over St. George

OHSWEKEN – The Six Nations Bantams triumphed over the St. George Cardinals 5-2 on Sunday Feb. 21, finishing a nail-biting series on top, 3-2.

The Bantams had won two games in a row in the best of five earlier in the series, leaving many with the impression that they would finish the third game 3-0 over the Cardinals. However, seeming to get the kick in the pants they needed — the Cardinals made a comeback by successfully winning two consecutive games. This forced both teams into a do or die situation.

The first period started out aggressively which led to three penalties for the Bantams, and two for the Cardinals. However, on a power play, Devin Jamieson flung the puck into the net from far out, earning the Bantams their first goal. Shortly to follow was a goal by Brandon Crinds for the Cardinals.

Both teams played relatively clean at the start of the second period, but didn’t get away with sneaky cheap shots. This led to an unassisted power play goal by the Cardinals Grant Shewchyk. The rest of the period played out leaving some of the Cardinals fans slumped in their seats as they thought they scored, but the goal wasn’t counted.

This left a one point deficit for the Bantams, who entered the third period looking as though they lost steam. However, the Cardinals looked as though they lost a lot of gumption as well, as their passes and shots became lazy. This enabled the Bantams to steal the puck on numerous occasions, and John Miller to bring the score to a tie, assisted by Reid Bomberry.

With the game tied one would think the Cardinals would play smart and keep passes tight, but they did the opposite. Nearing the end of the period, Kevin Hill scored with a nice sweep, assisted by A.P Wyatt Williams and Jamieson.

With one minute left, the Cardinals took a risk and pulled their goalie. The Cardinals, lacking the offensive power, lost the puck to the Bantams and Jamieson shot into the empty net after receiving a pass from Hill.

This was another moment that made Bantams fans roar; rather than replacing their goalie, the Cardinals kept the extra man far up the ice. The allowed Kessler Skye to take the puck and fling it into the empty net, with the arena filling with loud cheers.

The game ended 5-2 for the Bantams, and both teams showing sportsmanship with a handshake line at the end.

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