Tyendinaga Thrashers and Tyendinaga Oji-Hawks make their way to Little Native Hockey League (LNHL) 2015

Imagine flying down the ice, literally, with just seconds left in the game and your tie 3 – 3. After multiple tries of trying to hit the net and missing throughout the game, this is your chance, your last chance! Young Zach Maracle knows exactly how this goes because this was his story with 30 seconds left in the game. Do or die, and all he can think, “I hope I don’t miss it!” He shoots! He SCORES!!! Yah, Zach scores the winning goal for the Tyendinaga Thrashers against Six Nations LL2! Ouch sorry Six, we know that’s gotta hurt!

The 44th Little NHL, it’s been coined, was hosted at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario from March 16th to March 19th with a record high of 117 teams. This year Tyendinaga put in three teams, Tyendinaga Thrashers for recreational PeeWee and Atom divisions and a very young recreational novice team called Tyendinaga Oji-Hawks.

The team scores are as follows;

Tyendinaga Oji-Hawks

Novice Division

Game One – Tyendinaga Oji-Hawks vs. Atikameksheng Stingers 3 – 2 (win)

Game Two – Tyendinaga Oji-Hawks vs. Nawash Warriors 9 – 7 (win)

Game Three – Tyendinaga Oji-Hawks vs. Garden River 12 – 3 (win)

Game Four – Akwesasne Wolves vs Tyendinaga Oji-Hawks 5 – 6 (lost) (SD/OT)

Kelly Maracle the Manager for the Oji-Hawks was exceptionally pleased, and felt that no more could have been asked from their hockey players. Maracle said, “We were actually the little team that could.” All of the players had a hand in playing great games and two young boys Gabe Lalonde of Tyendinaga and Zane Macleod of Alderville were no exception.

Tyendinaga Thrashers – C Final Silver Winners

Atom Division

Game One – M’Chigeeng Thunderbirds vs. Tyendinaga Thrashers 5 – 4 (lost)

Game Two – Walpole vs. Tyendinaga Thrashers 5 – 2 (lost)

Game Three – Tyendinaga Thrashers vs. Mattagami 7 – 1 (win)

Game Four – Tyendinaga Thrashers vs. Oneida 6 – 2 (win)

Game Five – Nipisiing Warriors vs. Tyendinaga Thrashers 4 – 3 (lost)

“The kids gave 100%,” says the Manager of the recreational atom division Cynthia Loft. “…even though most of our kids on our team know each other, they don’t all play in the same league…it took them a little bit to connect, but when they did they played awesome.” A special mention to Justin Lloyd for his dedication by not allowing his frustration get the better of him. All the team members deserve a shout out unfortunately, there isn’t enough space.

Tyendinaga Thrashers – C Division Champions

PeeWee Division

Game One – M’Chigeeng Thunderbirds vs. Tyendinaga Thrashers 2 – 0 (lost)

Game Two – Oneida vs. Tyendinaga Thrashers 6 – 1 (lost)

Game Three – Tyendinaga Thrashers vs. Six Nations LL2 4 – 3 (win) (SD/OT)

Game Four – Tyendinaga Thrashers vs. Six Nations LL1 2 – 0 (win)

Game Five – Tyendinaga Thrashers vs. Nipisiing Warrior 2 – 0 (win)

The shutout when to M’Chigeeng Thunderbirds in game one. Julian Derrett, assisted by Bradley Bonner, scored the only goal of game two. In game three, when Zach scored unassisted the game winning goal in overtime, the first three goals were scored and assisted by, Blake Maracle and Oronhyathe O Green, Bradly Bonner and Julian Derrett, and Blake Maracle and Oronhyathe O Green. Game Four Kanonhsase (Gunner) Brant and Kaya Maracle scored a goal each and finally in game five Blake Maracle scored both goals. Cassie Thompson was the Manager for the PeeWee division.

Loft, Maracle, and Thompson all wanted to say thank you to the coaches, parents, volunteers and sponsors all of whom LNHL would not have been possible.

Congratulations to all the teams who played and participated in LNHL 2015

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