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  • Decentralize Six Nations!

    Decentralize Six Nations!0

    Government is such a horrible word for Onkwehonwe (indigenous) people because it has the word govern in it. Every now and then arguments open up on Haudenosaunee Facebook pages with people trying to decide if the traditional government was historically democratic, republic or socialist. Most agree with the phrase “egalitarian society.” The thing about our

  • Our bones threaten them

    Our bones threaten them0

    Editorial by Jonathan Garlow In 1982, Central School in downtown Brantford was being rebuilt. As they were excavating the area they discovered a mass grave site. Local historians told officials that this was an ancient Irish burial ground from the early 1800s and because it was filled with victims of a Cholera outbreak certain precautions

  • Moving Forward0

    The robins were singing outside the office Monday morning, they know that change is coming. Spring is unleashing the wonders of rebirth inherent in moving forward in this life. Everyone needs to be able to let off steam, relax after a long and tiring week, kick back and chill. We have to be able to let go. Even as we prepare for another winter blizzard.

  • Indigenous rights record blacken Harper’s eye0

    In today’s information age, it is impossible to keep skeletons in the closet for long, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper is finding out.

  • Our Language is Sovereignty5

    My Dudah’s English (language) name was Frances Butler and she married Joseph Garlow back before there was hydro on Six Nations Reserve No. 40.