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  1. I’m pleased to see there will be a united voice from our brothers & sisters across the water. I’ve tried to notify friends and family about a Documentary called “Skydancer” that will be aired tonight, Sept. 8 @9pm ET. The channel is Aljazeera America, DirecTV, 358 AJAM. Tells the story of Mohawk ironworkers in NY and their lives on their reserves. I hope this info. is helpful though I’m sure you’ll have access to the dvd. Looking forward to reading your material.

  2. If I’m the first to leave a comment, then I feel really SPECIAL!

    Great news guys, I just couldn’t be any happier. My very best, hearfelt wishes to everyone. I know from speaking with my good friend James (Sr. reporter) that the workload has been horrific for everyone. Congratulations! I look forward to being a part of this undertaking in some fashion or another. It’s just so good to know there will still be a voice of reason, honest and objective reading in your reporting. Something desperately needed on Six.

    Your good friend (and reader),

    Clive “O”

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