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  1. I’m pleased to see there will be a united voice from our brothers & sisters across the water. I’ve tried to notify friends and family about a Documentary called “Skydancer” that will be aired tonight, Sept. 8 @9pm ET. The channel is Aljazeera America, DirecTV, 358 AJAM. Tells the story of Mohawk ironworkers in NY and their lives on their reserves. I hope this info. is helpful though I’m sure you’ll have access to the dvd. Looking forward to reading your material.

    1. Hi Nancy, Thanks for the update about the program airing tonight, very interesting and helpful indeed.
      ~ BD

  2. If I’m the first to leave a comment, then I feel really SPECIAL!

    Great news guys, I just couldn’t be any happier. My very best, hearfelt wishes to everyone. I know from speaking with my good friend James (Sr. reporter) that the workload has been horrific for everyone. Congratulations! I look forward to being a part of this undertaking in some fashion or another. It’s just so good to know there will still be a voice of reason, honest and objective reading in your reporting. Something desperately needed on Six.

    Your good friend (and reader),

    Clive “O”

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