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  • Clinic brings indigenous and western medicine together in harmony

    Clinic brings indigenous and western medicine together in harmony0

    Integrating indigenous medicine and western medicine has become a goal of the greater medical community. In the last year, many health organizations have recognized the need to incorporate indigenous wisdom with western health modalities. And on Six Nations, Juddah’s Place is quickly becoming the focal point of practitioners taking those goals and going forward. Dr.

  • The Haudenosaune history of planting – Part Two

    The Haudenosaune history of planting – Part Two0

    We all know that in our Thanksgiving Address, the Diohe’ko, the Sustainers of Our Life, are acknowledged and thanked for the help they provide. In our annual cycle of ceremonies, planting and harvesting are a significant part of the old way of life. In fact, you would not have the ceremonies if you were not actively involved in

  • At long, long last, the weather has changed0

    My fellow gardeners this is what we wait for. We wait with barely contained patience for the time to grab our tools and go out to the garden and…DIG! That first fresh smell of soil being dug and raked and readied makes our hearts race. In the early spring nothing seemed more important than the

  • Our Sustenance Program tackling food security on Six Nations0

    OHSWEKEN – Corn, beans and squash are commonly known in our traditions as the Three Sisters. It is said that these three food gifts were given by the Creator to ensure the Haudenosaunee would always have a nutritionally complete diet on which they could thrive, which is why it is also commonly referred to as ‘Our Sustenance.’ Borrowing

  • Ask Kitty

    Ask Kitty0

    For the month of June, local gardening expert Kitty answers some of your gardening questions. If you have a gardening question for Kitty, you can email her at info@tworowtimes with “Ask Kitty” in the subject line. She will do her best to answer them all and we will even publish some of the questions and

  • Healthy Roots: Homegrown Goodness

    Healthy Roots: Homegrown Goodness0

    OHSWEKEN – In the early months of 2015, the Six Nations community watched as four individuals publicly committed to a traditional, Indigenous foods-only diet. Kathy Isaacs, Julee Green, Karihwawihson Brown, and Johnny Powless’s journey to health was documented in weekly issues of the Two Row Times, while staff at Six Nations Health Services and Tyendinaga