• A case for sovereignty

    A case for sovereignty1

    Posthumously by Alma Greene SIX NATIONS ‑ It has been said by revisionists with obvious vested interest, that Six Nations or any of it’s member tribes were never accepted as an independent sovereign nation by the Crown of Britain and that the Two Row Wampum was only symbolic but not a binding agreement between Nations.

  • “What’s Going On?” Podcast opens up discussion on Native tobacco

    “What’s Going On?” Podcast opens up discussion on Native tobacco1

    Try to imagine if the peace treaties which were signed at the end of the Second World War as a settlement between warring nations, were one day considered obsolete merely because they’re old. It’s unimaginable that any government would turn its back on a signed covenant on those terms. But that seems to be precisely

  • Legal Snafu leaves local man in limbo2

    This declaration does not ask for permission to be removed from the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration registries. In fact it was an act of peaceful overture that acknowledges a state of war that exists between the Canadian government and Myself.