Warriors take second win in series after double OT

BRANTFORD — Out of 16 games in their regular season, the Brantford Junior ‘C’ Warriors gave in to only three losses.

Their placement in standings allowed the Warriors to bye the first round and run right into the second. This set them up to face the Barrie Bombers in their second playoff match up in the West Division.

On Friday, July 12 the Warriors hosted game one within the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.

The rivals went at it for an extremely close game throughout the full 60 minutes of game play, with goals going in back and forth without giving way to much of a lead on either side.

By the final period, the Warriors were tied at 11-11 right up until the last minutes of play. But mustering the needed drive, Michael Comeau buried his first and final goal of the game from Ryan Dorr to finish it off with their first series win 12-11.

The second game took the Warriors to Bombers territory, and as the game started out on even footing, the Warriors lost the lead in the second period.

Starting out 3-4 for the Bombers, the Warriors fell behind as they racked up three goals to the Bombers four. By the third, the Bombers out scored the Warriors again by one, finalizing the game a close 8-11.

For game three however, the Warriors and Bombers took part in an incredible showing of competition.

After finishing the first, second and third period tied, the Warriors entered over time with the Bombers for a full ten minute period.

This opened for scoring to, again, go back and forth.

Ryan Dorr, Caleb Wells and Connor Meritt kept the Warriors in the game as Barrie played ahead by breaking the ties first. This put the Warriors in something of a bind as they neared the final minute of over time play.

But rather than allowing themselves to give up the win, Dalton Thomas scored from Jayden Drage and Trevor MacDonald with 38 seconds left. As the arena held its breath to see if the bombers would return and take the win, the Warriors defensemen stepped up to ensure yet another tie.

This took the game into double over time with a sudden death period.

Four minutes in and after taking on short-handed shifts, the Warriors were blue to connect with the back of the net o the Bombers as Ryan Dorr buried his second of the game to close the contest.

The game finalized at 11-10 for the Warriors and they will enter game four ahead 2-1 on Thursday, July 18.

Game five will be hosted at the Wayne Gretzky Centre at 4 p.m., on Sunday, July 21.

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