Logan Staats releases new single

Refuelling his career after his victory on The Launch, Logan Staats has released a new single titled Fear of the Flame to iTunes and Spotify which reached third place in the charts upon its release.

As always, his work is a product of passion and dedication to the craft that allows him an effortless commitment to music and his single echoes nothing short of hard work.

Beginning with the calm strum of a resonating string, his haunting voice is slowly joined by accompanying percussion that flows into an anthem perfectly describing a come up with lines such as “don’t you let me lose the flame.”

Staats explained that he worked with Producer Derek Hoffman to create a sound that utilized Hoffman’s previous experience in the rock genre.

“After a while of kind of searching for the right person to work with, I really connected with Derek Hoffman,” said Staats. “He’s really, really great and he’s a really brilliant guy.”

And their chemistry shows as for the message behind the single — which is presented with a cover work that depicts Staats in his backyard with a guitar enveloped in smudge smoke and a landscape covered in sunset light — his description was simple.

“The song is basically my life in a nutshell since The Launch,” he said. “It includes all of the highs and all of the lows and [how I’ve been] able to get through that last year of my life.”

He described the song as encapsulating his growth through learning experiences in the past year, while giving the visual that as an artist he wants to continue feeding the fire.

Coming up next month, Staats will also be releasing another work in collaboration with Hoffman, that he described as “old school Logan,” which will include his recognizable acoustic guitar.

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