SOCAN essential for musicians and songwriters

If you are a songwriter or an artist that wants to get your work played on TV, radio or on streaming services such as Spotify you should be signed up with SOCAN to become eligible for royalties. It’s free and easy to do on their website.

Once songs are identified and registered, SOCAN will track the plays you get and compensate you every time your song is played. A song played on Spotify or Deezer only pays a fraction of a penny but if you are signed up with SOCAN they will get you paid more fairly.

SOCAN stands for the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and isn’t the only music publishing company out there. BMI and ASCAP are both music publishing companies used in the United States.

“At SOCAN, we work to ensure that SOCAN-member songwriters and composers are fairly compensated, and receive the money that they’ve rightfully earned when their music is played. By identifying, collecting and distributing royalties, SOCAN helps music creators and publishers to continue to make, nurture and promote the music we love,” reads the SOCAN website. “Even if you’re not in the music industry, you can get behind everything that SOCAN works and stands for by becoming a SOCAN Supporter. Sign up as one to stay connected with SOCAN and with the music-making, music-rights and licensing sides of the industry. Canadian songwriters and composers are leading the planet with more chart-topping success than ever. We continue to represent and promote SOCAN members, from emerging artists to established hit-makers, hoping to find more great music to share with you along the way.”

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