Virtual Powwow Class to combine fitness and traditional movement

Often considered a sport due to the high levels of foot work, stamina and endurance; virtual Pow Wow participation have taken off during the pandemic. But a new kind of fitness class has grown with it as a combination of traditional dance and their physical benefits.

On Thursday April 15 at 12:00pm the NAC Indigenous Theatre and CNA and National Arts Centre will present an Arts Powwow Workout Class, led by Josée Bourgeois.

Bourgeois is an Algonquin woman and multi-disciplinary artist born in Ottawa and raised mostly in Toronto.

She began her dance journey as a gymnast and contemporary dancer with training from Flames of Hope. Bourgeois was able to build a strong foundation of passion for stage performance with a drive to bring creation through dance at a very early age. When she began her first year of high school, she was signed to the Ford International modelling agency and began a lengthy journey as one of Canada’s only First Nations high fashion models. At the age of 23, she made a profound decision to begin learning Pow Wow dancing and her life completely shifted through this decision.

Josée has focused her lifestyle over the past 12 years to traveling as a Fancy Shawl and Jingle dress dancer, collaborating with artist like DJ Shub, DJ Classic Roots, and DJ Rise Ashen. Bourgeois is committed to continuing trailblazing and reclaiming space as an Algonquin Artist all over Turtle Island and across the world.

The free class will be posted on NAC Indigenous Theatre’s Facebook page. Each video will be available online until 2:00pm EST on the following Saturday.

“Get ready to learn the basics of different powwow styles, all the way to modern hip hop infused choreography to really get your sweat on!” Reads the Facebook Page.

Powwow Workout Classes are created for participants with all levels of experience. Be sure to listen to your body while participating in this workout, and any kind of physical activity. If you experience discomfort or difficulty, be sure to listen to your body and stop.

As of today, 238 people have scheduled to join already.

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