Woodland Centre hosts corn soup cook off

BRANTFORD – Calling all corn soup aficionados! The Woodland Cultural Centre’s Annual Corn Soup Cook-off will be held this Saturday, October 18th at 5pm.

For those unfamiliar with Haudenosaune cuisine, corn soup can easily be dubbed our unofficial national dish. And there is no doubt about it: Haudenosaune people are passionate about corn soup. In it’s simplest form it is a soup of lyed white corn and beans. Many families have their own corn soup recipes. Popular additions include salt pork, chicken, smoked turkey or venison. Some even count the addition or subtraction of the controversial kidney bean as an atrocity to our unofficial national dish.

Year after year the best corn-soup makers in Grand River Territory haul in huge pots of their best brew to be tasted and judged by community members. For just five bucks, patrons are given a mug, a spoon and a ballot to vote on who’s soup should win the bragging rights of having the very best corn soup of the year.

Last year the cook-off was cancelled due to a local shortage of white corn. But the year previous saw about 10 entries ranging from the delicious to the doubtful. This year both dried corn soup and lyed corn soup will be included in the running.

If you think your soup is a winner, pre-register for the event by October 16th by calling the Woodland Cultural Centre at (519) 759-2650.

If you think your taste buds can detect the winning soup, head out to the Woodland Cultural Centre; 184 Mohawk Street in Brantford with $5.00 and a hearty appetite this Saturday, October 18th at 5pm.

PHOTO: The Annual Corn Soup Cook-off will be this Saturday; 5pm at the Woodland Cultural Centre; 184 Mohawk Street in Brantford.

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