Sayer Home Hardware: over 60 years of service

For over 60 years the people of Hagersville have relied on the quality service of the Sayer family for their hardware needs. In 1953 the business came into the Sayer family and this coming January, Sayer Home Hardware is celebrating 20 years of being a part of the Home Hardware association of stores.

Sayer’s has a rich local history. Store owner David Sayer spoke with the Two Row Times this week and said, “My mother was from Springvale, and my father was a farmer boy from England who landed in Springvale. He became an interior decorator and developed lead poisoning from the paints he was using so his doctor recommended that he change jobs. He came into the Hardware store to buy a gallon of varsol one day and he just bought the store right then and there.”

His wife, Cheryl Sayer, added “He sold the house that they were living in to buy the store and then phoned his mother to tell her what he’d done.” From there Mr. Sayer moved his wife and their four boys into the store attic and that became home. His father rooted his business in his knowledge of paint and interior decorating and over the years it grew from there to the full service hardware store it is today.

“We have a large clientele and many of them are native. People from the reserve are our best customers.” Cheryl Sayer said. Her husband David Sayer added, “We’ve always based our store on giving – if you give then it comes back to you. We always have. I can remember my dad giving stuff away even in the beginning.”

And the family has definitely given. Both David and Cheryl are prominent and active members of the Haldimand-Norfolk community and the plaques covering the walls of their office speak for themselves. David received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for raising millions of dollars for the local hospital. The couple also are on the executive committee for the local food bank.

The Province of Ontario also recognized the couple and Sayer Home Hardware for the “Passport to Prosperity” award for their dedication to encouraging and empowering youth through the high school co-op program. “We were up against the Waterloo Regional Police and Hamilton Health Sciences. They all have over 5000 employees!”

All of these qualities that the Sayer’s have upheld for years in their business only add to that old fashioned feel of the store. They have a full section of housewares, decor, electronics, hardware, plumbing and more. This is a great draw for those of you interested in knowing where your money is going while you do your Christmas shopping. Purchasing at Sayer’s is supporting a local business that supports the local community.

Sayer Home Hardware is located on 11-15 Main Street in Hagersville and they are open Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm; Saturdays from 8am to 5pm and Sundays from 10am to 4pm. For more information visit their website or call 905-768-3431.

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