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  • McMaster Indigenous Studies speaks against criminalization of using Onongwatri:yo:2

    This is a statement of support for Makayla Sault, her family, and the community that surrounds
    her. It is of great concern to the Indigenous Studies Program at McMaster University to learn
    that Makayla’s decision to self-determine the course of her treatment is being not only
    dismissed because of her age, but also devalued by health care professionals because it is rooted
    in Indigenous Knowledge. We are deeply troubled to hear that Makayla’s parents have faced
    intimidation and threats of intervention for their choice to respect the agency of their child, and
    that these choices have become criminalized. Makayla’s choice to seek out traditional medicine
    is protected through the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    (UNDRIP), and should be supported and honoured. It is entirely inappropriate that her decision
    has been dismissed, devalued, and characterized as irrelevant and unimportant.

  • 13th Annual Grand River Environmental Festival!0

    BRANTFORD – Our event is family oriented and the incredible BBQ put on by the Sherwood Restaurant & Catering and live entertainment by Black Mink,Dylan Balicki, Geoff Hackborn and Logan Staats are both great ways to encourage community participation, show our appreciation to thevolunteers and bring fun to the event.

  • Native Americans Protest ‘The Lone Ranger’ Oscar Nomination for Redface1

    Portland, Oregon – Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a group of Native parents from across the country are protesting the nomination of ‘The Lone Ranger’ for an Academy Award in makeup, basically, for Redface. To this end they are conducting a “Twitterstorm” under the hashtag #NotYourTonto and will try to trend the hashtag both the Saturday