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Know your enemy

It appears that a “perfect storm” is brewing over the PM’s office on Parliament Hill as Haudenosaunee and Anishinabek organizations are pushing back against Bill C-10.

It appears that a “perfect storm” is brewing over the PM’s office on Parliament Hill as Haudenosaunee and Anishinabek organizations are pushing back against Bill C-10.

If these gathering clouds intersect at the same time, Prime Minister Steven Harper will be forced to either back down or push his own agenda ahead in the face of a rapidly growing opposition.

His shortsighted and ignorant assumptions have gone too far already and if he is aware at all of what he is doing to the economy of Onkwehon:we communities across Ontario and Quebec, he doesn’t seem to care about it.

But then again, maybe he does know and sees the opportunity to drag, kicking and screaming, Onkwehon:we nations under the big red Maple Leaf no matter what the cost.

Harper may find the cost is more than he anticipates, even with the American style super prisons to contain Aboriginal “dissidents” and “terrorists” his regime has been building. Thanks to the Internet and social media, what may have worked for the Canadian regime even 25 years ago, will not work in today’s communication driven world, and a growing number of voting Canadians are also questioning Harper’s motive through all of this.

As a wide variety of groups here at Six Nations, and many other communities link arms against a common foe, they are building a unity that everyone sees as necessary.

If there was ever a time and ever a purpose to fight, it is now, but not against each other. Know where the enemy is and focus on that.

Non-Native readers of the Two Row Times also need to stand against Bill C-10, if nothing else, on principle alone. Canada is not a democracy anymore; under Harper it has rapidly become a corporate state, declaring who is worthy of justice and who isn’t. Ottawa is more than ever a front for money laundering, extortion, and heavy handed and politically motivated Jack-boot policing, and most of all, a bastion for corporate greed.

What Harper is trying to do with the Native economy is like 1924 all over again; it’s like Iraqi tanks rolling into Kuwait; it’s like Constantine arbitrarily declaring all of the Roman Empire to be Christian. More and more non-Natives are beginning to understand this and are forming alliances with Onkwehon:we people, because they understand that Native people are actually in a better place to fight this abusive power structure than they are. And that is not a bad thing. There was a common enemy during the American Revolution, and the War of 1812, that brought the two allied Nations together then, and there is one today too.

Non-Natives have their own reasons to mistrust Harper, and whatever he is doing to Native people, will soon be done to Canadians as well – and some would say it is already happening when it comes to Harper’s mindless addiction to absolute power and corporate money.

Now is not a time to be sniping across the Two Row Wampum at each other. We have a common enemy, so lets not lose sight of that.

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