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Last month men claiming to represent the interests of the people of Six Nations along with ex-HDI lawyer, now possibly reinstated HDI lawyer Aaron Detlor shut down the construction of the Six Nations Grand River Development Corporation’s Niagara Reinforcement Project.

The reason? They say that Hydro One needed to make the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council party to the engagement agreement.

It’s been reported Detlor et al demanded a $250,000 payment from Hydro One in order to allow the construction to continue. Sources who were in attendance at the day of the shutdown told TRT workers on site were threatened, saying if they didn’t halt work on the power line that the men gathered would return “with hundreds of men from across all the territories” — presumably to forcibly halt this work.

Reporting contentious situations in Six Nations politics is important to our readers and we know this to be true.

We contacted Hydro One with questions and seeking an interview or a statement on the issue. They sent back a short statement saying they are committed to making the project work and maintain peace with partners at Six Nations.

Getting answers from HDI, HCCC and any other representative on that side of the matter is another story.

On January 29th we sent a request to HCCC for an in person interview with someone from their camp to give details on the situation. In response they advised that they would put the request over to the HCCC and get direction from there. To date, we have not received a reply from either the HCCC, HDI or anyone else claiming to be able to answer our questions.

Additionally, in 2018 we sent an open letter to the HCCC to have slanderous claims made about our staff and brand being involved in a campaign to destroy the confederacy, removed from the HCCC’s website.

To date, the HCCC has not replied to our staff or our letter either in person, via email or otherwise. That misleading document remains on the HCCC’s website.

TRT provides independent news coverage of the situations that matter to Six Nations. We then provide that coverage free of charge to the people on our website and in our print edition.

The politics of the people of Six Nations are of interest to all the people of Six Nations. TRT is open and ready to speak with the HCCC the HDI on any issue.

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