Why do you not vote?

I have been asked, “Cam, why do you not vote? Don’t you care about Six Nations’ future?” Well, actually, I sure do care about Six Nations’ future which is the main reason why I do not vote. This is also why I am a member in good standing of the Indian Defence League of America.

It seems like so many have forgotten that just a few short years ago, in 1924, our original form of government was overthrown at gun point. Our system was given to us by our Peacemaker, through our creator, eons ago. This form of government had lasted us many years, before colonization began. Now what egotistical group of people would assume they have a supreme right to take control of another peoples right to given themselves? Ya, kinda makes my blood boil.

Ever since that year there has been much conflict. We have had a constant rift, mainly because many generations have grown up with this band council form of government and have failed to educate themselves on our real government.

Much is always said about the Two Row Wampum (i.e. a ship and a canoe, floating parallel, each with their own guide lines to live by). If one chooses to cross over to the other’s vessel, they give up their rights and assume the rules of the new vessel.

One cannot have a foot in each vessel. Which brings me to the point of the last elections. All I could picture was so many people, with one foot in each vessel. Many claiming to be traditional, but upon winning having to swear an oath to Canada.

Much is being said about the fear of taxation. It is right around the corner, but I say it is probably for those that have chosen to follow the Canadian law. Myself it seems so easy, if one chooses the real form of law, given to us by our creator, then I do not see a problem, but if one chooses the elected form of law to follow, then I do not see anything good happening for them.

It seems so simple to me. Support our original way of government, and don’t worry about taxation and much of the other things looming down the road, or follow the Canadian form of government and suffer the consequences.
Myself, I have chosen the original way, and to start out I am registering my land in the Confederacy’s land registry. Why make things so complicated, let’s just support our original way of government. Lets show support. Your governing body meets the first Saturday of the month at the Onondaga longhouse at 10am.

Dah nah thoe Rakhwissrohns AKA Cam Staats.

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  1. i don`t vote simply cause i love be,n onkwehonkwe by trying to keep both my feet in our canoe according to the two row( we will not interfere in each others way of life) one may say if you vote then now are Canadian or american cause now you have given your voice to them not with our clan system where your voice belongs so idk??i chose to follow my way an not vote so they cannot use my voice against the people… just a thought?? idk?????all i know is our way is dying !! if all is on the boat voting who will keep our way alive?? skeauNO.

  2. I see your point perfectly, however I still vote. Only because I see other people around the world who throw themselves, quite literally, into danger and forfeit their lives simply for the chance that one day their decedents might be able to actually vote in a democratic system, even if it turns out to be a corrupt one. I vote with the hope and intent to survive and one day use this vote process the re-instate our traditional system.

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