Red Hat

Submitted by Tim Reynolds

She was of small stature, but was a huge presence of spirit. At Kanonhstaton, she was over the stove cooking a meal for many of those people from Six Nations or for supporters from other nations and Canadian allies helping to defend the land. She asked me if I was a Christian because she was a pentecostal. I answered jokingly “I’m a professional sinner that’s beyond saving.” With her trademark wit she replied “I can remedy that you just have to believe.”

That was almost 11 years ago and I still haven’t forgotten that moment in life. It showed her high level of intelligence, but more so that powerful determination to improve her people’s and other nations lives. A determination that placed herself in harm’s way at construction sites placing herself, at times, in front of bulldozers and alike. She was a real warrior and to me she was “Red Hat”. Many people miss Ruby Montour.

Submitted by Tim Reynolds

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