SNP STEAM Academy was victorious in the ‘First Robotics Canada’ competition!

BRANTFORD — For the first time this past weekend, Six Nations Polytechnic’s (SNP) STEAM Academy participated in a FIRST Robotics Canada competition and won the STEMley Cup Championship, beating out the previous champion after an intense day of competition. With just one week of training using a borrowed robot, the STEAM Academy team and their alliance were able to gather enough points in a close final match to de-throne the former titleholders; a feat which is virtually unheard of for a rookie team.

Members of STEAMteam Robotics consisted of SNP STEAM Academy students Nicodemus Allan, Nathan Denecamp, Erick Martin, Jarrod Wardell, Paul Whiddett, STEAM Academy teacher Peter Gehbauer, and Vice Principal Trevor Gerard. The STEAM team competed against some of the best robotics teams in the world to achieve their first championship victory. When the final scores were tallied they gained an additional 50 points to secure their victory by a close four points.

“The camaraderie and professionalism displayed by all teams was inspiring,” said STEAM Academy Vice Principal Trevor Gerard. “Teams lent tools, parts and expertise to keep all robots from other teams operating throughout the competition. SNP STEAM Academy would like to thank MakeShift Robotics for their support and the use of their robot in STEAM’s first competition; the volunteers for helping make the STEMley Cup possible; and the supportive staff of FIRST Robotics Canada for their support in getting us started this year. Congratulations to each of the 32 teams who competed, we look forward to seeing you in the 2019 competitions!”

FIRST Robotics Canada is a registered charity that inspires high school students to pursue a future in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The competition that the STEAM Academy participated in was an off-season FIRST Robotics Canada event hosted by MakeShift Robotics and Celt-X.

The Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM Academy is the first STEAM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) school in Canada that incorporates both the regular Ontario Secondary School Diploma, as well as a two-year “Computer Software Engineering Technician” college diploma. Although it is a private school, there is no tuition; at SNP, we want to ensure that our program is open and accessible to everyone regardless of their cultural or social background.

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