Northern Ontario First Nation secures additional land under federal law

LONGLAC, Ont. — A northern Ontario First Nation says it has secured additional land under policies laid out in a federal law.

The Long Lake #58 First Nation says more than 1,690 hectares, including mines and minerals, have been added to its reserve for use by its members.

It says the expansion was carried out under the First Nations Land Management Act and took effect June 17.

The First Nation says it has been working on securing additional land for more than 45 years, to offset the 260 hectares provided by the federal government in 1905.

It says that with more than 1,500 members, the “tiny land base” offered “very limited” opportunities for development.

In a release issued Wednesday, the Long Lake #58 First Nation says it continues to be in a land claim process separate from the announcement of additional land.

The addition has been “a long time coming,” Chief Judy Desmoulin said in a statement.

“Throughout this process, the members have been updated and a plan formulated as to what we will do with the additional land,” she said, adding the next step will be to begin making that plan a reality.

“The additional land does bring the hope of building a stronger and healthier community.”

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