Elected Council says blockade removal will only “deepen the divide”

Six Nations Elected Band Council put out an official statement responding to Haldimand County’s decision to remove blockades at Kanohnstaton. Here is the statement in it’s entirety:

“Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) has been made aware of Haldimand County Council’s decision to remove what they term “illegal blockades” from the former Douglas Creek Estates lands. Six Nations Elected Council does not support the County Council’s decision to do so and urgently calls on the County Council to reconsider its proposed actions. Six Nations Elected Council believes that Haldimand County’s decision and proposed actions will only serve to cause unnecessary problems by disrupting the peace that has been maintained there for some time.

Mayor Hewitt’s statement about “working with its neighbours” and “moving forward in a unified fashion” is contradictory to Haldimand County’s resolution to remove the “illegal blockades” without first consulting with its neighbours in Six Nations. Actions speak louder than words and Haldimand County’s decision and proposed actions, if carried through, will only deepen the divide on all sides as opposed to creating unity.

The provincial government has taken no meaningful action in the past eight years to resolve the Douglas Creek Estates Land claim. Six Nations Elected Council calls on the Haldimand County to refocus their efforts by working with the Six Nations Elected Council to end the provincial government’s inaction.”

Press Release Haldimand Reconsider Decision

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  1. Hewitt is gambling that Six Nations will sit on its thumbs and do nothing. I can only hope he’s wrong. IF….this evolves into a serious situation, I can also hope, it is non-violent. But IF it does, It will be interesting to see what position Kathleen Wynne will take. This alone could be a real test of her leadership abilities. In her tenure before getting a majority government, she didn’t appear to display too much interest in resolving the Plank Road matter. Do we have to get their attention once again? Or is this issue going to languish and fester for another 200 years?
    I’m somewhat skeptical in that, prior to the election, I has sent an e-mail to Justin asking of his position on Onkwehon:we issues and received no reply. If there’s no Liberal policy, I guess Kathleen will have to wing it.

  2. Short & sweet. If Haldimand County proceeds with the removal of the “illegal” barricade, it will be entirely up to the people of Six Nations to either maintain the status quo, or, just let it go.

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