OPP update on triple homicide investigation

With the chilling discovery of three people from Six Nations: Alan Porter, Micheal Jamieson and Melissa Miller found murdered and their remains found near Oneida Nation of the Thames – several questions remain unanswered.

Police are seeking eyewitnesses who may have seen this truck near Bodkin Road in Middlesex County on Sunday November 4 at around 10 a.m.

Little details have emerged save the date, time and location of the discovery along with a photo of a grey Chevy pick up truck believed to be involved.

We reached out to the OPP and spoke to Constable Max Gomez with OPP’s West Region Headquarters – Middlesex County and asked for clarification on the ongoing investigation.

TRT: Were the victims bodies located inside the truck or outside the vehicle?

Gomez: “The pick-up truck was located where the bodies were found.”

TRT: Why are you not releasing further information about the condition of the bodies?

Gomez: “At this point the investigative team is focused on establishing an accurate timeline of the events, that is why we have released the information about a vehicle that was found at the location and ask anyone who may have been in the area to contact the tip line or Six Nations Police. Forensic services have determined the deaths to be homicides, however the manner or cause of death is evidentiary and is not being released.”

TRT: Do you have a suspect in mind?

Gomez: “No.”

TRT: This is called a “triple homicide”. Does that mean there are potentially killers or a killer on the loose in the area and if so is the public at risk?

Gomez: “Great question. It is a homicide because the parties did not die from natural causes or decease. While this finding is cause for concern, the investigative findings at this time, do not suggest that there is an imminent threat to public safety. As always, we encourage members of the public to take personal safety seriously and report any suspicious activity or event to police by calling 911.”

TRT: Why has there been no announcement by police or press conference called to answer questions from the media given the discovery? It has been a number of days before the public was given any information at all. In light of the deaths now being labelled “homicide” is there not a need to inform the public to appeal for anyone who might have further details?

Gomez: “The possibility of a press conference has been discussed. As you can appreciate, the information that is available for release at this time is limited. A public appeal was made by our media partners and OPP social media.”

TRT: Given that the victims are indigenous and the national call for police to be upfront with the public and families in cases when there are indigenous murder victims this makes my pressing for answers stronger. Does their indigenous identity or the fact that the investigation may involve two reservations have anything to do with the fact that little to no information about what to look for is being released?

Gomez: “No at all. In fact, we are working in collaboration with the Six Nations Police Service and the Oneida Nation of the Thames Police Service. It is of utmost importance to us that communities affected are represented and engaged. In Oneida Nation’s case, this occurred near their settlement.”

TRT: Why not put out information on the details of the victims last known location or cause of death? Couldn’t that prompt the public to come forward with information?

Gomez: “It is our duty to the families of the victims to ensure the investigation is not compromised. We understand that many questions remain unanswered, but we must not compromise the investigation.”

Six Nations Police issued a statement saying they are now working with OPP in the investigation. Police are asking for the public’s assistance. Anyone who may have any information is asked to contact a newly established police tip-line at 1-844-677-5050, the Six Nations Police
Service at 519-445-2811 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or www.crimestoppers-brant.ca.

Ed note: TRT would like to extend our deepest condolences to the surviving loved ones in this tragic event and uphold their requests for privacy.

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