Haldimand Proclamation trustees say Mohawks not represented

Current situations involving protests, misunderstandings and maybe a little self-seeking over the return of the Burtch Lands as promised by Honourable David Peterson in 2006, has created an atmosphere some might call politically toxic. But if nothing else it has also created an atmosphere of open communication.

Many believe that, roughly speaking, there are only around maybe 10 to 20 per cent of Six Nations residents who would call the Elected Council the official government of Six Nations. There is about the same number that would call the HCCC the official government of Six Nations, which means there are many between the two poles who don’t know what or who to believe.

It is this alienated group the trustees want to hear from in this way. Ask questions about this statement. There will be other topics in future issues.

The following is a statement presented by women who say they are representing the titleholders of the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784. Its purpose is to open dialogue with the people of Six Nations in general, but Mohawks of the Grand River Territory specifically.

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In a letter dated May 17, 2006, The Honourable David Peterson made the promise that “It is the intention that the land title be returned to its original state, its status under the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784.”

Elected band council gave the negotiation lead in the 2006 Kanastá:ton occupation to the Confederacy Chiefs Council where Mohawks are not properly represented.

Since then, both entities, Band Council and Confederacy Chiefs Council have expressed the intent to incorporate the land which places the land under Canadian law under “addition to Reserves” policies.

The unbroken line of Mohawk caretakers of the Haldimand Proclamation remind the Government of Canada and the People that the Six Nations Confederacy Council and the Six Nations Elected Council are not the “representative institution” for the affairs of the Mohawks of the Grand River Territory.

The Titleholders of the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784.

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