Honoring Idle No More

Dear Editors,

Last year on January 5th nations all over Turtle Island held events in support of the “Idle No More” movement. We proved to the world that we as human beings have recognized the struggles and hardships we share. We focused on our commonalities, and supported each other. United we stand, divided we fall. There may have been a time where critical judgments of each other stopped us from taking action together but on that day we acted in unity as “One mind, One Spirit, One Nation, and the Rainbow Nation.” Neither race, ethnicity, nor age or gender was present to divide us. We were the voices for the future children that are yet to come, grow and have a chance at life. We were the voices of our “Mother” the earth.

In honor and recognition of that beautiful time we are holding a gathering on January 5th at 12pm on both sides of the “international borderlines” in Fort Erie, Ontario at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge and in Buffalo, New York. This will be a peaceful event, as an agreement and respectful relationship has been established with Canada and US Customs.

This gathering is calling warriors from all walks of life from all nations/treaties/tribes/humans who are willing to unite to remind the world that we have been peacefully waiting a year to observe and await a response at the federal levels of government. This is to honor the unborn children yet to come, “those whose faces are still in the ground” and to be the voices for the animals, water, air, of the Mother Earth.

We are asking you to join us on this day, or to send representation from your respective communities. Send flags so that your nation, may be represented at this event to demonstrate our unity. The power lies within the people. We together can make that change, we can initiate the difference that will guarantee a healthy future for our mother and her unborn children.

We are hoping that rep from your respected nation/tribe/treaty/persons may come prepared to share some words as a representative to the media or in case if you are able to hold your own event synchronously that’s even better! Please if you can speak to others and IF you can not make please send a flag so there representations there :). We would love to hear feedback or how you are able to contribute :) Any ideas suggestions are always welcome!! This is a people’s movement for the people by the people. Please get in touch with us at littlefire09@hotmail.com

Kani Ka Tsis Ta

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