It’s International Women’s Day 2014

It’s International Women’s Day 2014, and Conservatives have rejected a call for an inquiry into murdered and missing Aboriginal women in Canada. And why should anyone care? Well, because these women could have been anyone’s daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunty or niece. With two beautiful aboriginal nieces, and a daughter who is part native I demand to know what makes them 5-7 times more likely to be the victim of violence. What puts my sister, cousin and I at a higher risk than other women in Canada? And why doesn’t the Conservative government believe it is worthwhile to seek answers to these questions? In a culture wherein women are the cornerstone of the community, we should be thriving — not suffering, not ignored. I don’t celebrate this International Women’s Day with joy as I should — I cry out in anger and frustration. Not enough Government of Canada. Not enough.

Laura Hill,

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