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  • Deez nuts: Haudenosaunee uses of Hickory

    Deez nuts: Haudenosaunee uses of Hickory0

    Hickory is a traditional food source to the Haudenosaunee. European travellers who came to Iroquois Country wrote that they were actually disgusted at how many Hickory nuts the men would consume in one meal. The nutmeat is fragrant and sweet but notoriously difficult to pry from the shell. So how do we eat them? There

  • Fall in Love with Brussels Sprouts

    Fall in Love with Brussels Sprouts0

    Over the last few years, Brussels sprouts have been trending across food blogs and restaurant menus alike. Brassicas in general have been quite popular in mainstream food culture of recent and they include different types of kale, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflowers. Over the course of my culinary career I’ve been putting this tasty Brassica on

  • The politics of food is seedy0

    This past weekend I was invited to speak at the local March Against Monsanto. From farmers, to students, to politicians, each speaker shared compelling reasons from their perspectives as to why it is important to stop Monsanto.  In exploring the devastating impacts that GMOs and companies like Monsanto have on our food system, there are

  • Planning for Food0

    This spring will be the first time I will be involved in a planting project that includes more than a balcony or a small patch of land in the city. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around a few things: where we will be planting, what we want to plant, where we’re going to

  • Popular Fish and Chip store reopens2

    Proprietors, “Woody” Kocsis (left), and Art Bazoian have opened Phase #1 of their three phase plan to bring to quality fast food back to Eagle Place. Eagle Place Fish, Sub and Chips shop located at the former Big Top Sub Shop at the corner of Erie Ave and Walter Street, is now open, but in the spring, Big Top will reopen as Boz’s Ice Cream and Hotdogs. Later in the fall, “Woody’s Comfort Food Take Out” will open just around the corner. All three locations will be will be interconnected. (Photo by Jim Windle)

  • Looking back and a fresh start0

    Spending the last few weeks with friends and family over the holidays, I have had the pleasure of a good amount of time to reflect on the past year and where this journey I’m on is taking me.