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  • HDI problem a failure to inform

    HDI problem a failure to inform1

    For Your Consideration By Sagoyesahtah The Samsung document was strictly guarded by the HDI and the personnel under its employ. The document itself contains language that directly states that “transparency is paramount to this agreement being legally binding.” It also contains a clause that could negatively impact the sovereign rights and privileges of ALL Haudenosaunee.

  • Monthly drop-in launches for Six Nations LGBTQ2SI community

    Monthly drop-in launches for Six Nations LGBTQ2SI community0

    SIX NATIONS – Being accepted and loved for who we are is fundamentally important to all people. For many lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirited and intersex (LGBTQ2SI) people, finding a safe space for acceptance and support can be difficult enough, but finding those spaces in First Nations communities comes with challenges of its own.

  • Pre-trial for Kent Owen Squire-Hill

    Pre-trial for Kent Owen Squire-Hill0

    BRANTFORD – A pre-trial for Kent Owen Squire-Hill of Six Nations took place last Wednesday in preparation for a new trial in connection with the death of his former girlfriend Tashina General. Squire-Hill was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of 21-year-old General in 2011, but the Ontario Court of Appeal ordered a new

  • K/G gala: Emotions of the past encourage thoughts for the future

    K/G gala: Emotions of the past encourage thoughts for the future0

    OHSWEKEN – Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo Mohawk and Cayuga Language Immersion School held a fundraiser gala to help raise funds for a new school and raised a whopping $20,866 before gross expenses. The gala, held in the banquet hall at Six Nations Polytechnic last Thursday, featured three lots full of silent auction items. There were hand-made moccasins, soap

  • Our bones threaten them

    Our bones threaten them0

    Editorial by Jonathan Garlow In 1982, Central School in downtown Brantford was being rebuilt. As they were excavating the area they discovered a mass grave site. Local historians told officials that this was an ancient Irish burial ground from the early 1800s and because it was filled with victims of a Cholera outbreak certain precautions

  • Homage to Lieutenant Frederick Ogilvie Loft – 1861-1934

    Homage to Lieutenant Frederick Ogilvie Loft – 1861-19340

    OHSWEKEN ‑ Perhaps one of the most misunderstood Six Nations heroes of the past might be Lieutenant Frederick Loft. To some he was a zealot for Native rights, but to others, he was seen as a compromiser. To make any attempt to know which label is closer to the truth, perhaps a look back at