Brantford Music Shop stars in Christmas movie

BRANTFORD – The lasting snow this year may be a problem for most people, but for the cast and crew of a new Hallmark Christmas movie, “Angel on my Tree”, slated for release next Christmas season, it’s just perfect.

The production team took over Brantford Music last week and turned it into a movie set. Other scenes were shot elsewhere around Brantford as well.

The story centres on a lovelorn woman who works in a music store and finds herself loosing hope that she will ever find true love. But after getting a surprise visit by an angel, her fortunes turn around and her whole life changes.

The store was closed for a week during the shoot and was compensated for the loss of business by the producers.

“We’ve been around for 35 years now and this is the first time we’ve been scouted for a location for a movie,” said Jeff Harding from the Music Program Administrator at the Brantford Music Centre.

“After looking around Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington area they could not find the right look for the movie, so they expanded their search and came here about three weeks ago, took a look around and the process was pretty quick.”

It’s not the first time Brantford has been used for a location. Several episodes of the award winning Murdock Mysteries have been shot in downtown Brantford and the Dufferin Street area for its turn of the century look.

Of course there was also the horror film, Silent Hill, which was shot along the old section of Colborne Street before the pre-confederation building were torn down.

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