Derek Miller headlines Free Concert for Tyendinaga Warriors

SIX NATIONS – Six Nations’ rocker Derek Miller is using his celebrity and his musician friends to raise awareness and funds to help the people of Tyendinaga who are on the front line of protests against the Harper Government’s lack of interest in calling for an inquiry into missing and murdered Native women.

DEREK MILLER GRAPHICThis Thursday, [tweetable alt=””]March 6th from 6 pm until 11 pm, the Juno Award winner is headlining a free concert at Yogi’s Social Club[/tweetable] at 2298 Chiefswood Road, at Six Nations along with Chris Smart and the Real Deal, Matthew Jesus Miller, Ras Haile X, Henry Booka, Ghost Town Orchestra, and more.

Admission to the event is free, however, it should be mentioned that it is a fundraiser and there will be opportunity to make financial contributions to those on the front lines in Tyendinaga. Other donations of blankets and canned food are also appreciated.

“The situation of missing and murdered women is a symptom of something that has been moving me for a long time,” said Miller.

“Just seeing what is happening with Bill C-10, (criminalizing the Native tobacco trade), the state of our community, and the declarations of war being made against our people, is frustrating.”

Miller is doing what he can do to support these efforts in the best way he can. Music, as he says in his song, is the medicine.

“I organized this free show in unity with our sister community in Tyendinaga, and the Warriors who are taking up the fight against the government to call and inquiry into the disturbing numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women,” he says. “I found it imperative to initiate dialogue with the community at a grass roots level because I don’t think a lot of people really know what is at stake here. Only we as a Nation united can assert change.”

Miller believes that in order to fight the government’s assimilation designs, Haudenosaunee people we have to let go of egos and religious backgrounds and just be Onkwehon:we to move forward.

“We have to rally and look at real solutions to the matters at hand,” he says. “We need to support our Warriors now, which is what this concert is about. I just want to challenge people here. If you are for the people and for sovereignty as a nation, it’s time to step up, shut off our egos and come together, or roll over and be absorbed by Canada, and/or America.”

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