Going back to our roots in 2016

TRT Staff

“Healthy Roots,” sponsored by The Dreamcatcher Foundation, is a campaign that examines how traditional foods and regular physical activity can positively impact the lives of Indigenous peoples. The Two Row Times, Six Nations Health Services, Our Sustenance Farmers Market and Greenhouse, and local nutrition consultant Chandra Maracle have partnered to develop a Healthy Roots food guide and support materials which will help 9 committed individuals stick to a traditional diet for 12 weeks. The Two Row Times will share their progress in our weekly print issues and over social media for the entire duration of the campaign, along with related articles, recipes, contest opportunities and more.

Our hope for Healthy Roots is to get everyone thinking about how they can incorporate traditional foods into their daily menus – so if you’re interested in making some positive changes, we are sharing the food guide the participants will be choosing from in today’s issue. The Healthy Roots food guide, a food tracking journal and goal setting worksheet will be also be available on our website at www.tworowtimes.com.

Have a success story, proud moment, challenge, recipe or more you’d like to share with us? Visit our Facebook group (search for Healthy Roots on Facebook) to join our online community of people dedicated to indigenous health and wellness. Check us out on Twitter as well (@trthealthyroots), where we will post regular updates about contests and events.

Another way to stay connected is by attending our regular workshops and events. A Healthy Roots events listing will appear in forthcoming issues of the Two Row Times, so make sure to pick up next week’s issue to stay updated!

Nia:wen to all Healthy Roots participants – together we will become healthy again.

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