When to start working up the soil in my garden

Dear Kitty

This question is kind of simple but I don’t know when to start working up the soil in my garden. Every time the weather warms up I try to decide. I want to work up my soil for my plants that like the cooler weather. Please help me decide the magic moment.

Dear Magic Moment,

What a great question, especially with this on and off again spring we are having.

Don’t start working your soil until it has thawed and dried out a bit. Pickup a handful of thawed soil and squish it into a ball. It should stay shaped like a ball but breaks apart easily when you poke it with a finger or thumb.

This tells you the soil is ready to work up. If you work it too soon it will be clumpy and sometimes stays that way through the season.

Also here are some plants that prefer to grow in cool weather. Plant them as soon as your soil can be worked. Your options include; Spinach, Sweet William, Peas, Calendula, Swiss Chard, Poppy, Cabbage, Phlox, Kale, Sweet Pea.

Check your soil, get your seeds ready and get your happy gardener on. Happy Earth Day!

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