Well it is finally here, that wonderful time to start seeds indoors

Well it is finally here, that wonderful time to start seeds indoors. I have a number of letters from folks wanting to know when to start different plants so I compiled a list for everyone. If what you are intending to plant isn’t on here do not hesitate to send me a quick email and I will let you know when they can be planted.

If the date listed has already gone by the seeds can still be planted, it is okay to be a few days off. This list is based on my thought we can put the plants in our gardens by May 24 weekend this year. Last year I recommended plants not go in until end of the first week of June, as we had a last frost the second to last day of May last year.

March 14-18: Peppers: all varieties including hot peppers. Basil: all flavours, Tiny Tim Tomatoes.

March 21-25: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Eggplant, Brussels Sprouts, Kale. Tomatoes: all varieties. Leeks, Onions. Flowers: Alyssum and Coleus.

March 28-April 1: Lettuce: head, romaine. Watermelon. Flowers: Calendula, Sweet William, Marigolds, Zinnia.

April 4-8: Early Cucumbers, Cabbage. Flowers: Asters, Phlox.

April 11-15: Squash: all varieties. Cucumbers: all varieties. Melons: all varieties. Flowers: Morning Glories, Nasturtiums.

Pumpkins get planted third week in May so you have pumpkins in October. If you plant too early they will be ready too soon.

There are many seeds I plant directly in the ground so if you don’t see them on the list that may be why. Email and ask if you like. The soul inspiring rite of seed planting is here!! Happy seeding!!

With many good thoughts,


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