OPINION: The Masked Bandit

The weather has been fluctuating as per usual during this time of year. Like an innocent soul waking up from a long nap, the temperature quickly changes from hot to cold.

The rain has been falling nonstop since this afternoon, and isn’t expected to stop until tomorrow afternoon. After a week of mid summer weather, the rain covers the hot pavement and fields in a blanket of cool serenity.

However, my entry today is not about this beautiful shift of natural energy, but rather something more specific in the natural world: raccoons.

Sometimes I doubt myself and think I’m looking too deep into something that means nothing at all. But I know, that every interaction with nature holds potential; potential to excrete your own meaning, and to exercise your inner creator.

The raccoon has been dedicated to its mission to visit me, appearing on and off the clock in the most creative and innovative ways, which fits quite well to its character.

There is much to be read on the raccoon as a trickster; a nuisance. But, if one looks closer, deeper and beyond, there is much more than just what meets the eye.

The raccoon is a protector and generous provider. Many animals and creatures will fight and compete when it comes to food, while the raccoon gives back in gratitude before taking for itself. It will honour its elders, injured, young and those in need first.

Their powerful sense of curiosity always trumps their sense of fear. The raccoon represents a life of adventure, growth, and honour, as well as a complete surrender to the unknown.

It’s no wonder this furry little friend went out of his way for me to see him; in dreams, designs, on the street, in songs, etc. Among all the messages he carried, I recognized a certain theme. The raccoon was representing an ideal of the collective. That, my best chance at survival and existence was as a part of the collective and never on my own. To surrender to fear, the unknown, and my responsibilities in that collective.

That…although these concepts have been severely deprioritized, they are the one true way.

Nya:weh Raccoon for your medicine.

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