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  • The 1833 Red Man’s Rebuke still resonates today0

    SIX NATIONS – The 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair, or World’s Columbian Exhibition as it was called, was held to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of North America — the New World. It was a showcase of the Old World’s leading technologies of the day and stunning architecture. There was also a sad irony

  • Home(r) of Brothers in Christ

    Home(r) of Brothers in Christ0

    In ancient Greece and Rome, the concept of hospitality was considered to be a guest’s divine right and the host’s divine duty. Other cultures also followed such hospitality relationships though they referred to these relationships by other names. During the time of Homer, strangers (without any exception) were protected by Zeus Xenios who was the

  • Short Hills Should Be a Lesson in Settler Animal Advocacy2

    In January of 2013 a proposed traditional hunt at the site of the Short Hills Provincial Park in Thorold, Ontario dominated local news headlines in Niagara. That initial coverage said little about treaty rights and amplified the voices of a vocal minority in the area who called the hunt “illegal” and who opposed it on