Comparative Population of Albany

From: New York Colonial Manuscripts

The 9-years-War, or the French and Indian War involved the American colonies, which were still British at the time.

Comparative Population of Albany


19 April 1698.

To confirm the truth of this relation, the Indian Messengers have laid down a Beaver and skins with seven hands of Wampum, which is now sent to your Excellency. That we have had several conferences with the said Messengers, to deswade them from having any private negotiation with the French, and have used all sorts of Arguments which we hope may be effectual.

May it please your Excellency, we have thought convenient therefore to stop their proceedings and have sent for some of the Sachems of each nation to be here in forty days to consult with your Excellency.

Therefore we do humbly request your Excellences further orders and instructions in this affair.

We have nothing else to add but to assure your Excellency that our utmost endeavours shall be used for His Majesty honour and interest, and conclude ourselves.

Your Excellency’s most humble and most obedient servants, P. SCHUYLER DELLIUS

Number of the Inhabitants of the City and County of Albany and of the Five Nations of Indians and River Indians.

In pursuance to an order of His Excell Coll: Benjamin Fletcher Capt. General, and Governor- in -Chief etc. dated the 3rd  of May, 1697 to make a perfect account of the Inhabitants of the City and County of Albany, and how many families and particular persons in the said City and County are departed from the beginning of the War, how many persons killed and carried away, and of what number the Five nations and River Indians then were, and how much they since are lessened, so that we find that the Inhabitants of the City and County of Albany in the year 1689 did consist: Men 662, Women 340, Children 1014, and now, are 382, 262, and 806.

The Five Nations and River Indians


The Mollacques – 270. But now 110.

The Oneydes – 180.  But now 70.

The Onnondages – 500. But now 250.

The Cayouges – 300. But now 200.

The Sennicks – 1,300. But now 600.

The River Indians – 250. But now 90.

In the beginning of the War there was a total of 2,800 Warriors. At the end of the War, 1,320.

NEW-YORK COLONIAL MANUSCRIPTS. The Christians departed from the City and County of Albany since the beginning of the War:


Departed – 142
Taken prisoners – 16
Killed by the Enemy – 84
Dyed – 39

Total – 280 MEN, 68 WOMEN, 209 CHILDREN

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