Moonlit Message

By Quin Staats

This past Wednesday the moon was on it’s full-tilt game. It rose from humble shadows and clouds and gave us all a stunning performance of a ‘once in a Blue Moon’ quadruple phenomenon.

That evening, following into early Thursday morning, Turtle Island was given a Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse; a precious gift from our most ancient ancestors.

The moon—at any standard point in its cycle—is effortlessly attention demanding and powerful on it’s own, not even mentioning the most breathtaking “average” full moons. When we get to witness something as rare as the moon at four times its average mysterious capacities, it’s hard to ignore that something extra special might be happening. That, maybe, we are personally a part of something especially magical and curious; a witness to something exponentially wonderful.

If I’m able to extract so much meaning from any typical moon, what messages were waiting to be discovered in this intricate, four-dimensional masterpiece?

What exactly was the moon trying to show me or tell me?

Immediately, the number four grabbed my attention. I couldn’t help but notice the significance of this number; four directions, four parts to the Medicine Wheel. My entire being was telling me that this wasn’t something ordinary.

It came to my attention that, perhaps, the moon was intentionally trying to get me to focus on the number four, most likely in reference to the Medicine Wheel and my complete, total well-being. It was drawing attention to my own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, which together make the four quadrants of our total personal health.

Imagine our four realms of personal well-being like a scale. If every quadrant isn’t properly cared for and maintained (or level) than our center being; our spirit will be catastrophically imbalanced.

I decided to reflect on my own four complete corners—that must be what I was being told to do. What sides were I potentially neglecting? What sides were I possibly overbearing? I immediately recognized a connection in the time of year and my connective imbalance.

It’s the New Year. And with every New Year I make personal promises and vows to myself to focus on my health and “general” outlooks on life. Every January, I fixate on the mental and physical quadrant; get in shape, eat healthier, quit smoking, new mindset, new outlooks, new attitudes, etc.

In lieu, my spiritual and emotional wellbeing were put on the back burner and outright neglected and forgotten about. Because of this, I inevitably do more harm to my spirit than I even realize.

Even if you work effortlessly to strengthen one aspect, the gains you receive will be poisoned by the struggling of the three other parts that make you who you are and make you the best you can be.

Remember to nourish your body emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

The more tuned in we are to our Body’s entire functioning requirements, the better we can master ourselves.

Listen to the moon.


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