Hockey parents nearly riot at GPA

OHSWEKEN – A parent, reported to have been drinking, turned a minor hockey game into a near brawl at the Gaylord Powless Arena Saturday afternoon. Parents and fans of the visiting Glanbrook Bantams were loud but generally well behaved until a series of penalties were called on Glanbrook players. At that point tempers began to flare and one visiting fan was ejected from the arena by the referee.

After a few words directed towards the on ice official, the man eventually found his way into the lobby to the jeers of Six Nations parents and fans.

The man went as far as the lobby where a shouting match between parents broke into pushing and shoving. When the Glanbrook fans notices their fellow in the middle of a scrum they rushed out of the stands and into the lobby, followed closely by Six Nations parents and fans.

Meanwhile on the ice, the game was still in play.

After more shoving and shouting, the man was finally escorted out of the building by Six Nation patents and fans. Six Nations police came after the fact to ensure there was no further incident.

Last season, parents of the Tweed Bantams and Six Nations Bantams made national news with a fight in the stands in Tweed. Overly belligerent parents also started that altercation. This time the troublemaker was ejected before anything started in the rink area.

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